Kid’s Club

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Profile PicGood Saving Habits Start Early!

Teach your children about saving, setting goals, and managing money with Chocolate Bayou’s Mudbug Kid’s Savings Club for kids age 0 – 12.

Every Mudbug Saver Gets:

  • Membership card
  • Coin bank
  • 1 free coin machine deposit per year
  • Annual birthday card with a special birthday surprise

Other Benefits:

  • Special activities, coloring contests, and more exclusively for Mudbug Savers
  • No monthly maintenance fee
  • No membership fee
  • Just $5 to open
  • Manage your kids’ account conveniently using online and mobile banking services

How to Open:
Open a Mudbug Savings Account for a special child in your life! Stop by any Chocolate Bayou branch with:

  • $5 opening deposit (+ more if desired)
  • Child’s birth certificate and social security card
  • Parent , legal guardian, or other family member’s government issued photo ID and a second form of identification (Social Security card, official tax documents, or utility bills are acceptable. Ask a representative for more options. Parent, legal guardian, or other family member must be 18 or older. Current members need only furnish government issued, photo I.D.)