Our New Site

Chocolate Bayou New Website Changes

What’s New On The Hompage

  1. eServices
    • Our new site lists eServices in two places – Look for free popular services like Home Banking, Bill Payer and eStatements on the left just under the rotating banners and also in a drop down menu at the top left of the home page.
  2. Search
    • For your convenience a search button is now located at the top, right-hand corner. Go ahead – search the site!
  3. Banners
    • Large and visually appealing banners now slide through on the homepage highlighting new and important services. To stop the sliding animation simply hover your mouse over a particular banner. The small dots in the lower right corner of each banner indicate how many banners and which one you are currently viewing.
  4. Featured Services
    • The homepage displays featured services and quick access links. You can easily access all eServices, view the current rates or see the latest Chocolate Bayou news all from our new homepage.

What’s New On The Subpages

Services Page

eServices, Services, Loans and Convenience all have drop down menus allowing members to access various parts of the site. Obtain a quick overview of each page by clicking them directly or hovering over them and clicking the drop down menu.

For example: the services page is shown in the image above. From there you can then click on a service for more information.

For example: the savings account page is shown below. Note that each subsection has a sidebar on the right hand side that displays pertinent links and information.

Savings Account Page

This new site is easy to use, more organized and visually appealing. Please visit us often as we continue to update our new and improved website. And as always, contact our helpful Call Center representatives for detailed website direction.