Fee Schedule

Please note the following fee schedule for products and services tendered by CBCFCU. These fees are effective December 9, 2016.

Account activity printout No charge
Account balancing assistance No charge
Account research $25 per hour (one hour minimum)
Account closed within 180 days of opening $5 per primary account
ATM/Debit withdrawal fee (ATMs we do not own or operate) $2 per withdrawal
ATM/Debit/Credit card replacement fee No charge
Bill Pay return check fee $45.00 per item
Cashier’s Check/Credit Union Check $2 per check
Cashier’s Check/Credit Union Check Stop Payment $30.00 per item
Checking Account participation fee $5 per month
Check printing (fee depends on style of check)
Coin Counter usage 7% of total
Collection (incoming) fee $25 per item
Copy of check (in excess of two per statement period) $5 per item
Copy of statement (account research fee may apply) No charge
Debit/Credit Card rush order replacement card $30
Deposited member/nonmember checks (and other items) returned unpaid $30 per item
Dormant/Inactive account fee (after 18 months of no activity) (make a deposit of $50.00 to the account and fee is refundable) $50 annually
Escheat administrative fee $100 per account
Executions/Levies $50 per execution/levy
Garnishments $100 per plus attorney’s fees
Late Loan Payment fee (after 10 days late) $25.00
Loan extensions $25 per loan
Money orders processed and sold No charge
Money Order Copy/Stop Payment $9 per item
Courtesy Pay, Non-sufficient funds items, ATM card Non-sufficient funds item, Debit card Non-sufficient funds item (preauthorized) $30.00 per item
Notary Fee $6 per document
Statement mailed monthly/quarterly (waived with E-statements) $3 per month
Stop payments (all payment orders or items) $30 per payment order or item
Temporary checks (10 free with new account) $0.25 per check
Travelers checks $0.50 per $100 of checks
Wire transfer – Domestic (outgoing) $25 per transfer
Wire transfer – Foreign (outgoing) $50 plus any correspondent fees
Wire transfer – Western Union $25 per payment order