Closed Account Notification System

To provide further protection if you fall victim of identity theft, Chocolate Bayou will be implementing the Closed Account Notification System (CANS), a new electronic notification system. Beginning March 1, Chocolate Bayou is required to provide notice of fraud to check verification companies.

This will help protect you if you fall victim to fraud and have to close your checking account. Information will be shared with check verification companies and will be used to recommend that merchants do not accept checks written from the closed account. This additional protection will help protect the you from being accused of writing bad checks.

If you discover you are a victim of identity theft, please provide the Chocolate Bayou with the following information when you close your account:

  1. A sworn statement that you are a victim of fraud/ID theft. Click here to download.
  2. A written authorization for the credit union to submit the necessary information to the electronic notification system.
  3. A copy of the police report (or police case or offense number).